Today I shall be witty, charming and elegant...

Or maybe I'll say "Um" a lot and trip over things.

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Welcome to Broken-Hearted Airlines, thank you for crashing and burning with us tonight.

So after yet another break up, this brings the total of this year to about 5. One must ask themselves why. Why it didn't last, why it never seems to work, why is love so hateful, and why do we even try?
I love love. I love everything about love, except falling out of it. Because unlike bungee jumping or skydiving, there is no parachute or gigantic rubber band tied to your body to help pull you back up after you fall. Once you've fallen there is no turning back. You're done, finished, until you either hit the ground get up and walk away or don't. It is a giant risk, to those of us with low self confidence, picking ourselves up isn't exactly an easy task. It isn't as easy as just duct taping your heart back together after it's been broken; duct tape doesn't fix everything.
Love has betrayed me in many ways. It has put me through hell, but never without reason. This is what I have learned about love.
"That attempting to know the future, to predict the outcome of love, would always negate the possibility of a happy ending. Heartbreak is more common then happiness. No one wants to say that, but it's true. We're taught to believe not only that everyone deserves a happy ending, but also hat if we try hard enough, we will get one. That's simply not the case. Happy endings, lifelong loves, are the products of both effort and luck. We can control them, to some extent, and though our feelings always seem to have a life of their own, we can at least be open to love. But luck, the other component, well, there's nothing we can do about that one. Call it God's plan or predestination or divine intervention, but we're all at its mercy. And sometimes God doesn't seem very merciful." Love taught me that.


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